We have begun a series of workshops to provide information, resources and an opportunity to network for the parents and caregivers of these disabled young adults. Their role and involvement in the life of their young adult with a disability is still vast; as services, funding and support are much less available for disabled adults and with waitlists even greater than for children. We purpose to encourage them to look beyond the disability of their young adult and to envision their gifts, and opportunities to use those gifts that could be created for their family member. We invite you to join us to give freedom to these young adults and allow their lives to flourish!


What we hope to achieve for our young adults is:

  • Community partnerships that will allow them to be engaged in the community in practical and meaningful ways

  • To assess job readiness and social skills and provide basic training for their future

  • Opportunities to be more actively engaged in their local church community

  • To assist in developing future life plans

  • To find community recreation opportunities

  • To create age appropriate recreational opportunities at Camp Eulogia and Village Eulogia events.

If you would like to more information about our programs for young adults, contact us at info@villageeulogia.com!