The Village seeks to be a place where all who come will experience God's blessings as they encounter with God and each other.


Mission: As an instrument of God’s love, we propose to:

Strengthen Relationships

By offering a supportive environment, to strengthen family cohesion, and encourage connections among families, with community groups and Christian churches.

Nurture the Village

Build the Village as a community where everyone can find belonging and acceptance, where every person’s contribution is recognized and supported, and where every person is counted as a blessing.

Educate Communities

We seek to establish partnerships with Christian churches with the goal of broadening the support network available to the families. We also offer training workshops to churches and community organizations regarding accessibility requirements and programming for children with disabilities

Village Eulogia for Families with Special Needs (Village Eulogia) started as Camp Eulogia, a summer retreat camp program. In 2007, the founders began to pray about the concept of a family retreat. As professionals working with children with disabilities, they understood that disabilities do not only affect the children, but also their parents, caregivers, and siblings. The founding team also recognized the importance of spiritual support and a suitable environment for the children and their families to rest, renew and be in encounter with God and each other. In 2008, Riverview Christian Camp agreed to support the initiative and the first camp was held in the summer of the same year with five (5) families in attendance.


As the experience of the first retreat was shared with some churches and individual Christians, Camp Eulogia began to grow. By 2010, we had served 20 families at the camp.  Over the years, we enjoyed the support of volunteers with different professional backgrounds to serve as leaders, and church members who came and served as personal support for the children. These supports were instrumental to the growth of Camp Eulogia and the subsequent formation of the charity.


At the end of the camp in 2011, the core team felt the need to provide services to the children with disabilities and their families beyond the retreat in the summer. After much prayer, the idea of Village Eulogia began to form and we were incorporated in October 2011 and became a registered charity on March 6, 2012.


Bill Johnson, Marie Hudson, Andrea Lamont and Cynthia Tam were the founding team of Camp Eulogia in 2007. Since then the leading team has expanded very quickly to include Christians with different professional backgrounds and experiences in the care of children with special needs and their families.

In 2011, when Village Eulogia was founded, the founding team included Bill Johnson, Cynthia Tam, Timothy Myland, Zarina Lit, Thyra Andrews, Cindy Kwan, Isabel Lam, Kay Kingsmill and Ronnie Yue.

Riverview Christian Camp

We have partnered with Riverview Camp and Conference Centre (Riverview) in response to a growing need for camp/retreat centres that are accessible to people with disabilities. Together, the two organizations will develop an inclusive community where people of all ages and abilities can draw close to God.

Riverview offers a unique and excellent setting that facilitates the experience and joy of being in community. The staff of Riverview brings with them a wealth of experience in camping ministry. The families who live around Riverview and the people of Cedardale Church are important examples of the gospel in action. Over the past several years the opportunity for Village Eulogia to use the facilities of Riverview Camp has been a true and real blessing to families with children with special needs.  In fact many families have described their camp experience as “heaven on earth”. However, we believe God is calling us to do more and extend the blessing to people with different ability challenges and develop an inclusive community, which reflects God’s kingdom.

As a result of being a part of Riverview Camp community, Village Eulogia has had the opportunity to offer consultation on accessibility issues related to the camp facilities and or Nazarene Churches. It is believed our presence at the camp has also impacted on their community's awareness of disability as our families and their campers and staff interact together.

Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church (SCBC)

Our partnership with SCBC dates back as early as 2011 when a group of youth from the church volunteered at Camp Eulogia. Over the years, SCBC has sent several groups to support our walkathon, year round programs, and camp. They graciously allowed us to use their facilities for our year round programs. In 2017, their Big Give Christmas fundraiser raised $30,000 for Village Eulogia to develop our program for youth and adults who have special needs. In the summer of 2018, we look forward to partnering with their summer camp staff to increase their capacity to include volunteers and campers who have special needs.

Tjene Corp

We gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of Tjene. Their staff and their generosity have been instrumental in the success of recent events.  We look forward to continuing to build a relationship with them. By learning more about their passions and interests, we hope to create new events and activities that will connect our Village families with others, and grow the ways we promote our mission of supporting families with special needs.

The Living Room Church

The Living Room Church (TLRC) was a recent re-launch of what was previously known as the Midtown Alliance Church (MAC). Our partnership with TLRC dated back to 2009 when MAC organized the first walkathon to raise funds for Camp Eulogia. Over the years, many people at TLRC continued to support our fundraising initiatives and volunteered their time at the camp and other programs / events. In the recent two years, TLRC sponsored one of Village Eulogia’s families. Representatives of the church maintain an ongoing relationship with the family and offer support as needed. They have also been supporting the family financially to attend Camp Eulogia.