Have you ever felt overwhelmed being out in public at events with your loved one with needs. Let us help you learn to be more comfortable and perhaps introduce you to accessible, sensory friendly, relatively cheap, fun family activities. Join our VE families as we attend various events around the GTA.

Each month we will make suggestions of places and times to connect.  You will be responsible for registering if necessary and all costs of attending.  You will be responsible for your loved ones. BUT – you will have the strength and camaraderie of attending at the same time as other VE families. Look for a VE rep wearing one of our t-shirts when you arrive at each event.

Feel free to share ideas of places you enjoy and/or times that best fit your lifestyle. These events are about providing families time to connect, support one another and enjoy being out and about as a family. For questions or suggestions email lleyland@villageeulogia.com