We have begun a series of workshops to provide information, resources and an opportunity to network for the parents and caregivers of these disabled young adults. Their role and involvement in the life of their young adult with a disability is still vast; as services, funding and support are much less available for disabled adults and with waitlists even greater than for children. We purpose to encourage them to look beyond the disability of their young adult and to envision their gifts, and opportunities to use those gifts that could be created for their family member. We invite you to join us to give freedom to these young adults and allow their lives to flourish!


What we hope to achieve for our young adults is:

  • Community partnerships that will allow them to be engaged in the community in practical and meaningful ways

  • To assess job readiness and social skills and provide basic training for their future

  • Opportunities to be more actively engaged in their local church community

  • To assist in developing future life plans

  • To find community recreation opportunities

  • To create age appropriate recreational opportunities at Camp Eulogia and Village Eulogia events.

If you would like to more information about our programs for young adults, contact us at info@villageeulogia.com!

Parent support and education is offered to parents in a number of ways. Each one with the purpose of strengthening relationships within the family and ultimately one’s relationship with God. It is our goal to provide necessary knowledge and resources that will aid in coping and achieving your hopes as a family. Family visitation is the expression of our desire to keep more connected with families throughout the year. This is an opportunity to provide encouragement and support.

Village Eulogia offers parent/caregiver support groups and free optional workshops on topics such as coping, parenting, resources, and education.See below for more info about workshops. Childcare is available for children/young adults who have special needs. Please direct your inquiry to Cindy Kwan at cindy.sd.kwan@villageeulogia.com


Workshops for Parents

In the previous workshop, we explored: What is future planning? Why is it important?  Where do I begin? What does it mean? (for me as a parent, for my son or daughter with special needs, for their sibling(s), for our extended family), steps to future planning.


Lynne Leyland is a parent to an adult with needs. She has been a parent advocate for over 15 years including running a parent support group for 5 years. She has been a guest speaker with Autism Ontario, NF (Neurofibromatosis) Ontario, Carion Fenn Foundation. Lynne is also active in her home church (Dunbarton Fairport United), in addition to Church Network for Supporting Disabilities. Lynne is also a trained autism therapist.

This workshop on Future Planning will be held on the following date:

  • Final Session: Planning for the Future:

    Saturday, December 8, 2018, 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Sign up for the workshops here or contact Lynne at 1-866-542-5053 ex 205 or lleyland@villageeulogia.com for further details.

Camp Eulogia is a family retreat for families with children with disabilities held at Riverview Christian Camp  Families spend four days (3 nights) in a program aimed at spiritual renewal, connection with each other and sharing a fun time as a family.

A specific focus of Camp Eulogia is on the community. Through worship, group games, outdoor activities (e.g., canoeing, water fun and rock-climbing) and campfire, families, volunteers and staff come together as a community in Christ. We also encourage everyone to contribute to the camp programs and share their gifts.

Programs: Separate programming is offered to children with disabilities, parents and siblings, while there are ample opportunities for families and volunteers to meet, share and worship as a community.

  • Parents: A variety of activities to encourage sharing and learning from and support for each other.

  • Children and Youth with Special Needs: Volunteers with professional backgrounds will lead the program for children/youths with disabilities, through music, crafts, stories related to the theme.

  • Siblings: Siblings will have their own program related to the theme and will share an extra special experience with their parents/caregivers.


Our next camp will be August 11 - 18, 2019

Registration will open January 2019.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed being out in public at events with your loved one with needs. Let us help you learn to be more comfortable and perhaps introduce you to accessible, sensory friendly, relatively cheap, fun family activities. Join our VE families as we attend various events around the GTA.

Each month we will make suggestions of places and times to connect.  You will be responsible for registering if necessary and all costs of attending.  You will be responsible for your loved ones. BUT – you will have the strength and camaraderie of attending at the same time as other VE families. Look for a VE rep wearing one of our t-shirts when you arrive at each event.

Feel free to share ideas of places you enjoy and/or times that best fit your lifestyle. These events are about providing families time to connect, support one another and enjoy being out and about as a family. For questions or suggestions email lleyland@villageeulogia.com

Xenia concerts presents:

A percussion quartet at the Flato Theatre in Markham.

Sunday November 25th

7:00PM to 8:00 PM

Follow the link to see details about the concert and Xenia registration requirements.


Village Eulogia is hosting a music program tailored towards the teens and young adults in our community with special needs. Our goal with this group is to foster relationships among our young adults and teens and to share experiences with their peers. We aim for this program to be a time of fun and experiencing new things through music; whether it be new songs, cool instruments or expressing their feelings to others. This program aims to be a comfortable place that teens and young adults can relax in.

NOTE: Parents must remain on site.

Parents are invited to join our parents program, where they can build connections and relationships with other parents, learn new skills, share resources, and provide and receive support and encouragement. Registration is required to provide adequate support and materials. I do not have the link.

If you have any questions about the program – please email lleyland@villageeulogia.com.

Program Date: December 8, 2018

Time: 9:30 AM - 12 PM

Location: Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church

3223 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough, ON M1V 4Y1